Methods of Sacramento Flooring Preparation:

Patching the Concrete

After removing flooring, such as hardwood, VCT, and tile, the glue or mastic that adheres to it can discolor the floor and leaves a film throughout. The process of removal can take up small chunks of the concrete or can create uneven area. The National 5700 machine has blades that scrape the floor and leave it with a flat surface, but chunks of concrete in those areas will have to be grinded and holes filled. In addition, to get a smooth flat surface those holes would need to be patched with a latex cement.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is used for the removal of adhesive residue, epoxy coatings, and underlayment compounds. It is also used to clean the concrete floors by removing the curing compound so that a sealer and epoxy coating can be applied or prior to the installation of floor coverings. Shot blasting will remove dirt, grease, and any chemicals that may have been absorbed within the concrete. This method ensures a quality bond between the existing concrete and the new flooring underlayment.  The Sacramento flooring preparation process involves a spinning blast wheel that continuously throws out steel shots at a high velocity in a controlled direction. Shot blasting equipment connects to a large vacuum to collect the debris.  There is minimal dust using this method, which makes for an easy clean up.

Sacramento Flooring PreparationGrinding

Grinding is another Sacramento flooring preparation method to remove coating and adhesives.  Different abrasives are used, when grinding, in order to achieve your desired look of the concrete.  During the process of concrete grinding, a combination of metal bond diamond abrasives followed by resin bond diamonds is used in order to achieve the desired smoothness and shine. The lower the grit of the concrete diamond abrasive, the coarser and more aggressive the tool will be.  While doing this process, a HEPA vacuum is used, in conjunction with the grinding equipment, to contain the dust. This method smoothes and levels out surfaces to prepare for coating applications, or to achieve a polished concrete floor.